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  • Most adaptable security system created utilizing NOOSE STYLE CABLES. Use a single noose for the same lock up length as a conventional 6’ cable with less weight, or use both nooses for extra length or double security.
  • Includes: 2 coiled, noose cables 3/8” x 3.5’ (10mm x 107cm), lock head with TWO KEYS AND BRACKET TRANSPORT SYSTEM
  • PATENT-PENDING LOCK HEAD works with various accessory cable styles and lengths to provide maximum versatility
  • 10mm BRAIDED STEEL CABLE provides greater cut resistance than twisted cable
  • DOUBLE DEADBOLT security with spring loaded design allows each lock post to be removed separately while the other is retained
  • Patent-pending TRANSPORT SYSTEM can be mounted using bracket strap or to the frame braze-on
  • Key Safe Program

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  • Malli: 1010S
  • 100 Kpl varastossa

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